Myth and Infrastructure and Dreaming of Lucid Living

By Miwa Matreyek

Myth and Infrastructure: Original music by Anna Oxygen and Caroline, additional music by Mirah and Mileece

Dreaming of Lucid Living: Original music by Miwa Matreyek, additional music by Anna Oxygen

Both Myth and Infrastructure and Dreaming of Lucid Living are live performances with projected animation. As the artist walks behind the screen, her shadow becomes an integral part of the animated world – she crosses from domestic/home spaces of kitchens and dining room tables to oceanscapes and cityscapes in a fantastical journey.

Matreyek is an internationally recognized animator, designer, and multi-media artist based in Los Angeles. She creates animated short films as well as live works that integrate animation, performance, and video installation. Her work explores how animation transforms when it is combined with body and space (and vice-versa). In her video project-based installations, animation takes on a more physical and present quality, while body and space take on a more fantastical quality.

Myth and Infrastructure and Dreaming of Lucid Living are being presented as part of QuestFest, a two-week international visual theatre festival. QuestFest features groundbreaking work from exceptional performers and companies dedicated to the use of movement, gesture, and digital media to tell stories. By stripping away the artifice of language, QuestFest builds bridges between disparate communities and cultures.

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