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Peabody Chamber Opera

Peabody alumnus Dominick Argento is one of the most distinguished opera of composers in America today. We are proud to present his brilliant operatic fantasy from 1971, to a text by John Donahue. The setting is perhaps a railroad station, perhaps the palm court of a grand hotel. Seven travelers are waiting, each with a piece of luggage that they keep jealously guarded from the others. Until Mr. Owen, the only traveler to be given a name, is foolish enough to allow his suitcase to fall open, showing that it is quite empty. The others leave for destinations unknown, but Mr. Owen undergoes an operatic apotheosis. This is the work with which we opened the Miriam A Friedberg Concert Hall in 1983, now seen in a more intimate space appropriate to its chamber writing. The production will be directed by Jennifer Blades, with chamber orchestra accompaniment. Musical preparation is by Eileen Cornett.

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