The Soldier Dreams

By Daniel MacIvor

Directed by Steven J. Satta-Fleming

Iron Crow Theatre Company

The Soldier Dreams is the wickedly funny and deeply moving story of the exuberant and charismatic David. When David falls ill, his family invades the home he shares with his partner Richard. While in a coma, David dreams of his secret life, while family dynamics shift and tilt in surprising ways. Playwright Daniel MacIvor creates a family portrait that examines the effect of death on the living, while paying homage to the loved ones who have left us.

“Daniel MacIvor's plays have been labeled everything from postmodern to meta theatrical, but these are cold terms that do nothing to capture the warm, accessible soul of a writer whose honesty and compassion for both audiences and his characters is at the heart of all his work, including The Soldier Dreams." -- Variety.

Featuring Marsha Becker, Rich Buchanan, Karin Crighton, Joseph Ritsch, Steve Sawicki, Sarah Lynn Taylor, Alec Weinberg and Paul Wissman.

There will be a "pay what you can" preview on Friday, April 6 @ 8pm.

* Prices include all credit card fees. Tickets are non-refundable, but may be exchanged for another performance based on availability.

* Tickets are available at the door 1 hour prior to the performance.

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